human anatomy

we exist as precisely overcomplicated bits of simplicity:

as delicately circled irises of unimaginable colors
flickering beneath the shade of three hundred curved lashes,
as pairs of lungs rhythmically expanding and contracting
with a particularly rationed number of breaths in and out,
as skillfully woven veins and interlocked bones
meticulously pieced together with some fragile certainty,
as miniature orchestras of precomposed heartbeats
singing an insistent reminder of sustained operation

we exist without willfully deciding so, accidentally automatic
though we live in ways too complex for our own construction:

in half-winking eyes that crinkle at the corners
when our lips shift in arcs of brilliantly crooked smiles,
in fingers twirling and spinning with enthusiastic gestures
to match voices pulled higher pitches by ringing laughter,
in arms winding over shoulders and around waists
to braid us together in honey-sweet embraces
in breathless whispers and stolen kisses,
in blushing cheeks and wrinkling noses and salted tears,
in holding hands and dancing feet,

we exist as planned and decided for us, intricately designed
but we live as artfully hand-written songs of love and joy and grace

she existed in this world filled with far too many things to remember
but she still lives in too many ways for us to forget