• track recommendation: What The Water Gave Me — Florence + The Machine

something about it always seemed easy, for her;
she hummed her scribbled stanzas and overzealously
strummed her precisely tuned heart strings with some
unpracticed, accidental lyricism, her verses coincidentally
harmonized and overplayed, knotting together notes

that drown each new sailor in her tides of tumultuous
cerulean incandescence, carelessly sirenic currents
that churned all the more unimaginably relentless
with the mixing murmurs of fresh water affections,
but never grew any less temptingly salty

and so she sank too many misguided boats to count,
trailing half-amused fingertips along the arches of
a smiling mouth darker than the red sky at morning,
spiderweb lashes flickering and pearled teeth
sparking in taunting time with her lighthouse laughs

until the waves crashing over her cheekbones’ freckled seas
caught the tune of a song that rang too much like her own,
draped in a black flag, seizing her with a  crystallizing frost that
splintered out over her surface, coating her in fractured glass
and seeping itself down into the marrow of her hollowed bones
until her twisting lips were too numbed to sing along

now she sparks one finger against the matchbox
of her heart, scratches twisting lines of starved, snarling
flames into her salt-licked decks and through her
snapping sails until she’s left dancing alone in the
roaring rush of it all, one last great and golden blaze
to burn up what is left, what she will not give away

and so the captain goes down with her ship