it is not invasive, it is not foreign.
it derives itself from what is already
accessible, charming genetic theft and cellular
impulsivity, picking out all the vulnerably willing
pieces required to improve its malignancy.

it is very subtle, it is very patient.
it understands the need for reciprocation,
gene replication, and it encourages the influx
of growth in constancy, waiting for but one
mistake, one touch, a single mistranslation of DNA.

it is too consuming, it is too volatile.
it becomes the feverishly insistent dividing
of cells that demand more space than what is
available, fracturing it’s own incessant viability by
erasing the half-blind affections that nurtured it.

and the human body constructs no defenses and
possesses no strategies to war against internal renegades;
it shatters its way out into the bloodstream, until threads
of misinformed veins accidentally pull viscous tendrils of
its rotting black cancer up through their own ventricles.

so they diagnose you with rounds of crippling radiation to
gnaw between your bones, and they scalpel out all the leftover
bits of mutated deception, assuring you this new kind of sickness

is the only way to kill the first.